Tuesday, 25 May 2010

How's this for a range of teas?

1 Peacocks Breakfast Tea - A bright, fragrant flavoursome cuppa: a blend of Assam & Ceylon teas

2 Ordinary Tea - A stronger tea that brews quickly: Assam, Ceylon and Kenya teas blended

3 Builders Tea - Stronger yet: with an extra spoonful for the pot: how our painter likes it

4 Decaff. Tea - A rich smooth Ceylon tea with all the flavour but no caffeine

5 Ceylon - A refreshing oaky medium-strong blend of tea from Sri Lanka

6.TaylorsYorkshire - A strongish blend mixed to console and cheer Hull City fans and other tykes

7 Russian Caravan - A tasty, slightly smoky blend, harking back to the days of camel caravans

8 Earl Grey - The famous English blend, flavoured with bergamot orange from Calabria

9 Decaff. Earl Grey - Ceylon tea, bergamot oil, but none of the caffeine; refreshing and delicate

10 Blue Lady - Better than Lady Grey, we think; a subtle mix with bergamot and lemon

11 Grapefruit EarlGrey - Deliciously refreshing variation on Earl Grey; our favourite Earl Grey

12 Lapsang Souchong - A smoky Chinese speciality; like Marmite you love it or hate it

13 Sherlock Holmes NEW - Earl Grey with Lapsang Souchong; our own mix: its elementary & good

14 Doctor Watson NEW - Our blend of Keemun, Darjeeling & Lapsang Souchong;: good with food

15 Moriarty NEW - Black Chai with delicious spices: star anise, pepper, cinnamon, fennel etc

16 Rose Congou - Sweetly fragrant rose-scented tea, ideal in the garden

17 Spring Tea - China tea with raspberry & elderberry flavours juniper heather & more

18 Norfolk Lavender - China tea with lavender flowers from Heacham Mill; the scent of summer

19 Violet - China tea with violets: what better to accompany a Devon Cream Tea?

20 Lemon - Flavoured with lemon and served with lemon slices: a tea to restore zest

21 Liquorice - For fans of Pomfret Cakes and Liquorice Allsorts, or just for a change

22 Vanilla - Gentle & exotic, an old favourite of ours to soothe the nerves at any time

23 Sweet Orange - A simple mix of black tea with the peel and essential oil of sweet oranges

24 Apple & Cinnamon - A warming blend with the aroma of apple pie

25 Arabic Tea - A simple favourite from the Middle East, spiced with cardamom and clove

26 Bengal Tiger - Flavoured with ginger, tasty tea with a bite: if you like ginger, youll love it

27 Cardamom - Our recreation of a warm spicy blend we first came across in Mauritius

28 Keemun Best - Fragrant China tea from Anhui a rich copper brew & slightly sweet taste

29 Yunnan - From the south-west China, it brews a rich, slightly earthy, malty flavour

30 Java - A rich, golden-coloured brew from Indonesia, light and full of flavour

31 Darjeeling - A fragrant lighter Indian tea, from the foot hills of the Himalayas

32 Singbulli - Early-picked, single-estate Darjeeling; a good breakfast tea

33 Ilam Valley - From Nepal with flowery tips for a delicate golden brew; well worth trying

34 Assam Special - Strong rich malty brew from north-east India; perfect in the morning

35 Nilgiri - From the Blue Mountains of south-west India: golden, brisk and fragrant

36 Lovers Leap - A famous, delicate, golden Ceylon tea, from Nuwara Eliya in the highlands

37 Kenya - Specially made large leaf African tea with a smooth flavour

38 Kwazulu - A bright & rare South African tea, perfect to celebrate the 2010 World Cup

39 Margarets Hope - A light Darjeeling from a great tea garden; good without milk or lemon

40 Gorgie Best - From Georgia, via Paris; and a tribute to the worlds greatest player

41Tregothnan Classic - Real English tea grown in Cornwall & blended with Assam & China tea

42 Autumn Blend - China & Ceylon tea flavoured with fruits: quince fig grape hazelnut raisin

43 Kashmiri - Our first and best Chai: a rich blend of Indian spices, orange peel and more

44 Black Witch - Dark spicy blend from Berlin including star anise, ginger, apple & cinnamon

45 ChocolateImperial - Chocolate and burnt caramel; rich, tempting and delicious; great with milk

46 Marco Polo - A real classic from Paris; with fruit & flowers of China & Tibet

47 Pleine Lune - Our favourite French tea; almonds, vanilla, honey etc; OTT & wonderful.

48 Billy Tea - From Queensland, mixed with Eucalyptus leaf & a bit of Lapsang Souchong

49 Moon Palace - Fine China Chun Mee; a smooth, sweetish yellow liquor with a hint of plum

50 Young Hyson - A historic China tea; picked in the early spring for a light fresh flavour

51GunpowderGreen - Rolled into small pellets; the amber liquor has a gentle herbal flavour.

52 Jasmine Blossom - Beautiful, fragrant tea, flavoured and decorated with jasmine flowers

53 Moroccan Mint - Green China Tea combined with spearmint for a refreshing N African tea

54Genmai Cha - Traditional Japanese blend of Bancha green tea and roasted brown rice

55Green Earl Grey - A delicate mix of China green tea with the citrus taste of bergamot

56 Blue River - A Parisian blend of Green tea with fruit and flowers

57 Cerisier - A delightful cherry-blossom scented Japanese sencha tea: perfectly relaxing

58 Marengo - With a fruity North German flavour of sanddorn (sea buckthorn): delicious

59 Grapefruit Moon - Stunning citrussy blend: lemon grapefruit blood-orange bergamot cardamon
60 Formosa Peach - A light liquor with a slightly peachy aftertaste from large ragged leaves of tea

61 Orange Blossom Special - A fine Formosa oolong gently flavoured with orange blossom

62 Pai Mu Tan White Peony Tiny new silvery-green leaves, giving a pale yellow liquor with a hint of nuttiness

63 Pu Erh - A dark China tea, specially stored after drying, for an unmistakable earthy taste

64 Vietnam Imperial An oolong with a great woody bouquet from First Class Teas; strongly recommended

65 Ginseng Oolong - Wonderful, smooth and balanced; rolled leaves coated in powdered ginseng

66 Charleston Tea - Black tea grown in the USAs only tea plantation on Wadmalaw Island SC.

67 Flor de Oro - Traditionally-made black tea, from Misiones province, Argentina; full flavoured

68 Cloud Forest - From Guatemala, organic black tea grown on the slopes of the Atitln volcano

69 Cha Gorreana - Azores Orange Pekoe - Black tea grown mid-Atlantic, at the very edge of Europe

70 Cochabamba - A rare, rich and distinctive Bolivian organic black tea grown high in the Andes

71 Golden Hook - An exotic black tea from China, with a colour, smell & taste all its own

72 Old Gentlemans Tea - An unusual black tea from Georgia; handmade by the grower, Yuri

served at Peacocks Tearoom

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