Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Tea with Alice

Inspired by Disney's new Alice in Wonderland film Clipper Teas have created a very special range of loose leaf teas:

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

How's this for a range of teas?

1 Peacocks Breakfast Tea - A bright, fragrant flavoursome cuppa: a blend of Assam & Ceylon teas

2 Ordinary Tea - A stronger tea that brews quickly: Assam, Ceylon and Kenya teas blended

3 Builders Tea - Stronger yet: with an extra spoonful for the pot: how our painter likes it

4 Decaff. Tea - A rich smooth Ceylon tea with all the flavour but no caffeine

5 Ceylon - A refreshing oaky medium-strong blend of tea from Sri Lanka

6.TaylorsYorkshire - A strongish blend mixed to console and cheer Hull City fans and other tykes

7 Russian Caravan - A tasty, slightly smoky blend, harking back to the days of camel caravans

8 Earl Grey - The famous English blend, flavoured with bergamot orange from Calabria

9 Decaff. Earl Grey - Ceylon tea, bergamot oil, but none of the caffeine; refreshing and delicate

10 Blue Lady - Better than Lady Grey, we think; a subtle mix with bergamot and lemon

11 Grapefruit EarlGrey - Deliciously refreshing variation on Earl Grey; our favourite Earl Grey

12 Lapsang Souchong - A smoky Chinese speciality; like Marmite you love it or hate it

13 Sherlock Holmes NEW - Earl Grey with Lapsang Souchong; our own mix: its elementary & good

14 Doctor Watson NEW - Our blend of Keemun, Darjeeling & Lapsang Souchong;: good with food

15 Moriarty NEW - Black Chai with delicious spices: star anise, pepper, cinnamon, fennel etc

16 Rose Congou - Sweetly fragrant rose-scented tea, ideal in the garden

17 Spring Tea - China tea with raspberry & elderberry flavours juniper heather & more

18 Norfolk Lavender - China tea with lavender flowers from Heacham Mill; the scent of summer

19 Violet - China tea with violets: what better to accompany a Devon Cream Tea?

20 Lemon - Flavoured with lemon and served with lemon slices: a tea to restore zest

21 Liquorice - For fans of Pomfret Cakes and Liquorice Allsorts, or just for a change

22 Vanilla - Gentle & exotic, an old favourite of ours to soothe the nerves at any time

23 Sweet Orange - A simple mix of black tea with the peel and essential oil of sweet oranges

24 Apple & Cinnamon - A warming blend with the aroma of apple pie

25 Arabic Tea - A simple favourite from the Middle East, spiced with cardamom and clove

26 Bengal Tiger - Flavoured with ginger, tasty tea with a bite: if you like ginger, youll love it

27 Cardamom - Our recreation of a warm spicy blend we first came across in Mauritius

28 Keemun Best - Fragrant China tea from Anhui a rich copper brew & slightly sweet taste

29 Yunnan - From the south-west China, it brews a rich, slightly earthy, malty flavour

30 Java - A rich, golden-coloured brew from Indonesia, light and full of flavour

31 Darjeeling - A fragrant lighter Indian tea, from the foot hills of the Himalayas

32 Singbulli - Early-picked, single-estate Darjeeling; a good breakfast tea

33 Ilam Valley - From Nepal with flowery tips for a delicate golden brew; well worth trying

34 Assam Special - Strong rich malty brew from north-east India; perfect in the morning

35 Nilgiri - From the Blue Mountains of south-west India: golden, brisk and fragrant

36 Lovers Leap - A famous, delicate, golden Ceylon tea, from Nuwara Eliya in the highlands

37 Kenya - Specially made large leaf African tea with a smooth flavour

38 Kwazulu - A bright & rare South African tea, perfect to celebrate the 2010 World Cup

39 Margarets Hope - A light Darjeeling from a great tea garden; good without milk or lemon

40 Gorgie Best - From Georgia, via Paris; and a tribute to the worlds greatest player

41Tregothnan Classic - Real English tea grown in Cornwall & blended with Assam & China tea

42 Autumn Blend - China & Ceylon tea flavoured with fruits: quince fig grape hazelnut raisin

43 Kashmiri - Our first and best Chai: a rich blend of Indian spices, orange peel and more

44 Black Witch - Dark spicy blend from Berlin including star anise, ginger, apple & cinnamon

45 ChocolateImperial - Chocolate and burnt caramel; rich, tempting and delicious; great with milk

46 Marco Polo - A real classic from Paris; with fruit & flowers of China & Tibet

47 Pleine Lune - Our favourite French tea; almonds, vanilla, honey etc; OTT & wonderful.

48 Billy Tea - From Queensland, mixed with Eucalyptus leaf & a bit of Lapsang Souchong

49 Moon Palace - Fine China Chun Mee; a smooth, sweetish yellow liquor with a hint of plum

50 Young Hyson - A historic China tea; picked in the early spring for a light fresh flavour

51GunpowderGreen - Rolled into small pellets; the amber liquor has a gentle herbal flavour.

52 Jasmine Blossom - Beautiful, fragrant tea, flavoured and decorated with jasmine flowers

53 Moroccan Mint - Green China Tea combined with spearmint for a refreshing N African tea

54Genmai Cha - Traditional Japanese blend of Bancha green tea and roasted brown rice

55Green Earl Grey - A delicate mix of China green tea with the citrus taste of bergamot

56 Blue River - A Parisian blend of Green tea with fruit and flowers

57 Cerisier - A delightful cherry-blossom scented Japanese sencha tea: perfectly relaxing

58 Marengo - With a fruity North German flavour of sanddorn (sea buckthorn): delicious

59 Grapefruit Moon - Stunning citrussy blend: lemon grapefruit blood-orange bergamot cardamon
60 Formosa Peach - A light liquor with a slightly peachy aftertaste from large ragged leaves of tea

61 Orange Blossom Special - A fine Formosa oolong gently flavoured with orange blossom

62 Pai Mu Tan White Peony Tiny new silvery-green leaves, giving a pale yellow liquor with a hint of nuttiness

63 Pu Erh - A dark China tea, specially stored after drying, for an unmistakable earthy taste

64 Vietnam Imperial An oolong with a great woody bouquet from First Class Teas; strongly recommended

65 Ginseng Oolong - Wonderful, smooth and balanced; rolled leaves coated in powdered ginseng

66 Charleston Tea - Black tea grown in the USAs only tea plantation on Wadmalaw Island SC.

67 Flor de Oro - Traditionally-made black tea, from Misiones province, Argentina; full flavoured

68 Cloud Forest - From Guatemala, organic black tea grown on the slopes of the Atitln volcano

69 Cha Gorreana - Azores Orange Pekoe - Black tea grown mid-Atlantic, at the very edge of Europe

70 Cochabamba - A rare, rich and distinctive Bolivian organic black tea grown high in the Andes

71 Golden Hook - An exotic black tea from China, with a colour, smell & taste all its own

72 Old Gentlemans Tea - An unusual black tea from Georgia; handmade by the grower, Yuri

served at Peacocks Tearoom

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Country Living Magazine's Bring Back Teatime

Country Living is launching its campaign to Bring Back Teatime.
While afternoon tea at top hotels has never been more glamorous,
more ordinary, down-to-earth teatime seems to have fallen by the wayside

Wednesday, 19 May 2010